Who We Are

SABHAYA BRASS PRODUCTS, established in the year 2009, has contributed in the brass part industry since many years. Our product speciality includes fields like Automobile parts, Electrical parts, Hardware parts, Sanitary parts and all kind of brass product. We are targeting the overseas market after getting success in the domestic market.

We are a part of the much bigger community and we are accordingly responsible for that. We work responsibly to look after our environment, offer fair economic opportunities, work securely, and think about the people in all our business dealings.

Our main focus is to produce All Brass Components through Extrusion section. Our products are fabricated using the finest quality of raw material acquired from our trusted vendors. We have expertise and ability to meet the market demand with quality standards of domestic buyer’s located globally. We have comprehensive range of brass products. We are also manufacturing customise product as per customer requirements, designs and specifications.

Benefits of Our Brass Products :

  • Wide Versatility
  • Durability
  • Tolerance Of High Temperatures
  • Resistance To Corrosion
  • Very Malleable

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